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My journey on the yoga path began after I gave up performing as a professional dancer, which I had done from the age of sixteen. I joined a health club to stay physically fit, and ended up teaching Latin Dance, Belly Dance, Pilates, and other aerobic formats. I’d always found yoga enjoyable, especially the spiritual aspects, but when I discovered the flowing style of Vinyasa Yoga, I knew I’d found my niche. Having a dance background, the rhythmic flow of Vinyasa, synchronizing movement with breath, came naturally to me, and yoga became a moving meditation that left me feeling both invigorated and blissfully calm. I was addicted, and soon enrolled in a yoga teacher training so that I could learn more and become a certified yoga instructor.
My classes are designed with a holistic approach: To heal the body through improving core strength, muscle tone, balance, and flexibility; to heal the spirit through a self-nurturing attitude; and to bring tranquility to the mind through pranayama (breath discipline) and Savasana (guided meditation).
May yoga bring peace, healing, and enlightenment into your life.

Deanna instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • This gently flowing style of yoga creates strength and flexibility, whilst using the breath to calm the nervous system. As you move through the sequences, you will explore the connections between mind, body and breath; open the heart; unblock tensions; and create and maintain balance.

    All levels welcome! There is an emphasis on precise alignment to allow beginning students to enjoy the practice whilst honoring their limitations. Options and alternatives are given for more advanced practitioners.

  • Integrated Yoga
  • Whether you're challenged by day-to-day stress or overwhelmed by chronic anxiety, this class will help you learn how to find quiet in the chaos. Through effective yoga postures and deep breathing, you will train your body to replace the fight or flight response with a focused sense of balance and calm. All levels are welcome.If possible, please bring an eye pillow/or a small hand towel.