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Amanda has been practicing yoga since 2008, when she took her first class and knew she'd found something special! In 2013 Amanda completed teacher training through Yoga Legacy in Raleigh, North Carolina, and became a Registered Yoga Teacher. Her joy for teaching was noticed immediately, and upon graduation she joined the Yoga Legacy team and began teaching classes and facilitating teacher training. Over the last few years Amanda has taught all kinds of yoga classes; from yoga for people with disabilities, to intense hot yoga programs. Her personal style lies somewhere in between. Amanda has a skill for teaching yoga with precision and intention. "Remembering the teaching of BKS Iyengar, I enjoy guiding students through a deep exploration of the poses, by learning to balance each force in the body during every asana." Amanda's classes also incorporate breathing and meditation practices - mindfulness exercises that can extend present moment awareness of thought, breath, and action beyond the classroom and into daily life. Amanda has a passion for and a lifelong commitment to self betterment. Along with daily yoga and meditation, she uses a plant based diet and essential oil alchemy to pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Amanda is currently not instructing any classes.