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Keila Collins was born and raised right here in sunny San Diego. Being the oldest sister in a family heavily involved in numerous competition-level activities (dance, music, theater, gymnastics, tae-kwon-do), Keila gained much early experience in life helping and encouraging younger ones to learn a variety of skills.
At 18 years, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue all things Hollywood. After 12 years working in music, film and television, the show business lifestyle had taken a toll and Keila found herself in an unhealthy and depleted state. So, in 2014 she moved back down to North County and, on her very first day back, took a restorative yoga class that changed her life! At that moment, she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up… a Yogini! From that day on she was determined to fill her days with developing a deeper understanding and dedicated practice of yoga. She discovered the transformative books: Autobiography of a Yogi and The Bhagvad Gita and her life was flooded with light, and the world was somehow new again.
Being the oldest cousin on both sides of her family, Keila has always been skilled at “governing the children’s table” at family dinners. She was able to utilize those skills as a Birthday Party Host at a trampoline fun park for a few years, a specialty “Princess” for private birthday parties, a nanny, and a proud Auntie.
Not long after her yoga journey began, Keila was laying in Savasana when the thought overwhelmed her: where was this when I was little? Of all the activities with which she had been involved through her childhood, none calmed her anxieties or healed like yoga. She knew then that she wanted to bring yoga to the children. Keila followed this realization with action, and was certified to teach yoga to children in early 2016 through the Young Warriors Program at Mantra Yoga Studio in Carlsbad, CA. Soon after she was invited to teach at Solana Ranch Elementary for their after school yoga program. In September of 2016, she furthered her studies to become a Yoga Alliance RYT200 certified yoga instructor, again with Mantra Yoga Studio.
After witnessing the physical and mental changes in herself from living a yogic lifestyle (becoming vegetarian, developing a daily meditation practice, reading spiritual literature, and practicing the asanas), Keila truly believes that anyone at any time can change the course of their life 180 degrees. And she believes that if you can learn how to deal with the frustrations and anxieties of life as a child (mindfulness), you can harness your inner peace and happiness more easily, passing through the tribulations of puberty more easily, to become a mindful, grounded, centered, healthy adult.
Keila is super excited to be teaching here at Mt. Yoga! Using play-based movement, stories, music, rhythm, and imagination, she hopes to guide her young students in their physical practice as well as developing the tools and skills to help themselves in their daily lives at home and school and play!

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Keila is currently not instructing any classes.