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I was injured in 2004-I experienced severe physiological and neurological impairment, and after multiple surgeries and over two years of physical therapy, I was not satisfied with western medicine and my prognosis for a lifetime of pain. So, I chose to explore other avenues. I began to meditate, practice visualization, and yoga in 2007. I found the key to my own healing- physical and spiritually. I changed my perspective and chose to live a life filled with appreciation. In 2008, returned to college and became an Occupational Therapy Assistant and have been working primarily with challenged children in schools since then. I have spent over a decade working with physical and sensory challenges and have come to appreciate that each of us has an “edge” and to learn how to adapt, modify as needed, and become stronger. In 2017, I continued my personal growth by taking the yoga teacher training at Mt Yoga, an experience that I would recommend to anyone wishing to grow their knowledge of yoga and its benefits.

I hope to share the beauty and peace that yoga has brought to my life with you…I hope you will come join me!

Sherri instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga
  • “Our goal in life is not to become perfect: but to become whole.” Bernie Clark
    Yin Yoga has it’s roots as part of the original Hatha Yoga tradition. Yin Yoga combines the influences of Indian Yoga with Chinese Daoist practices and Western sciences to improve our health on many levels.Most forms of yoga today are dynamic, active practices designed to work only half of our body; the muscular half of our body. Yin Yoga allows us to work the other half; The deeper Yin tissues of our ligaments, joints and even our bones. Yin Yoga mobilizes and strengthens the joints, facia and connective tissue. The emphasis is on long-held poses.Yin Yoga is very supportive. Props are an important part of the Yin practice; therefore we use blankets, bolsters and straps. Props help the practitioner surrender to long held poses.After a Yin practice the body feels deeply relaxed as if the practitioner just experienced a message. Yin yoga will also help in finding a deeper expression in the vinyassa practice. The practitioner may also be able to experience have an ability to achieve a deeper expression of the poses

  • Hatha Yoga
  • The class will consist of a series of classical Hatha yoga postures that will be performed slowly and to each student’s capability. Emphasis will be placed on relaxing and listening to one’s own body. The goal of the class will be increased flexibility and body strengthening along with mind, body and spirit integration promoting better health and reducing stress.

    This is a multi-level Hatha based class that is suitable for beginners to experienced practitioners.