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Helena has been practicing various styles of Hatha Yoga since 1992. She completed her teacher training in the Indra Devi Style of Hatha Yoga in 2003 and is recognized by Yoga Alliance as a certified yoga instructor and is a member of Y.E.S. (Yoga Education Society). She has had additional training as a Silver Age Yoga Instructor and has completed Levels I and II of Reiki Training. Helena has also studied the Alexander Technique and is the co-creator of Yogazander® which is a practice that applies this technique to classical yoga poses. Helena believes that yoga is for everyone and her teaching style emphasizes body awareness, stress relief and flexibility. Her dream is to someday own and operate a yoga refuge on a tropical island. In the meantime, she wishes to bring a little bit of paradise to her students through the practice of yoga.

Helena instructs the following:
  • Yogazander
  • Yogazander is a gentle style of Hatha Yoga which combines classical yoga poses and breathing exercises with the intentions of the Alexander Technique. Some hands-on support may be used to invite the soft release of tension. This combination leads to an easy, natural alignment in the poses. The goal of this practice is to increase flexibility and reduce stress in both the body and the mind. This class is taught by Helena who developed Yogazander and has logged over 1000 hours teaching yoga. In addition to the weekly class, weekend workshops are also offered periodically. Participants have rated these workshops and classes as “extremely enjoyable” and “relaxing.” Experience how good you can feel! The practice of Yogazander increases body awareness. It is beneficial for the experienced Yogi as well as the novice. All levels welcome.

    *This class is suitable for beginners.*